Playing guitar is such a fun activity. Besides many who are professional guitarists, a lot of people have had it as their hobby. And, for many beginners, they would often ask the question what kinds of guitars they should get for the first ever lesson. I personally share the same experience. My heart craves for learning and playing a guitar. I watched tutorial videos from Youtube, and I decided to go a guitar shop and pick up one. However, I had no ideas at all over there. I was told a lot about the guitars at the shop, but that was so confusing that I know I can not just buy any guitar when i am so doubtful about it. I went back and did a lot of research about the best guitar I and other beginners should get. As a result, I have got a favorite one and is on my way to be a happy guitarist. The notes below will be the things I believe you should know as well when looking for your first guitar for the lessons.

When it comes to selecting the right guitar for a need, it is a skill that requires some knowledge to choose one well. In this, we will go through certain understanding about the guitars, and you then can have some ideas what kind of guitars you may want for your lessons.

Types of Guitars

There are a few types of guitars which we see on the market and have been playing. They are acoustic guitars, electric guitars, and bass guitars. Each one is different by their own speciality and quality. As to serve the need better, there are certain guitar designs which mix the types in such as acoustic-electric guitars or electric-bass guitars. In the following, there is a brief explanation of the differences among these.

Very commonly, many have recommended acoustic guitars for beginners. However, there are a few who still argue that electric guitars are better to start with. We will tell you the difference, and you can then decide by yourself. Acoustic guitars are often used with music styles such as country and folk while the electric guitars are better for rock and metal music. However, acoustic guitars generally are cheaper than electric guitars. In addition, electric guitars will require additional equipment such as amps and power to work. That also allow easy record of your music. This comes to your purpose and intention of your play. If you just want to start practicing your guitar lessons and might go for a different guitar later on, you can just find an affordable acoustic guitar. If you want more such as to record the music, you can go for the electric guitars. On the other hand, there are the acoustic electric guitars you could find.

Regarding the bass guitars, it is more like the electric guitars. It requires plugging in to power and amps to produce music. However, bass guitars are with longer neck and demand more physically from the player. Another point is it plays with clear sound. Thus, any mistake could easily be exposed. If you are a beginner, there is not a thing to care for this, and as you learn and become more skillful and into the playing, you will start to know them by experience, and if you want to shift and try with the bass guitar, you can do so later on too. Again, the three main guitar types are acoustic guitars, electric guitars and bass guitars, and acoustic guitars are the most popular one to start with.

Understanding about a Guitar

This is important when you want to get to know a guitar. It has its important elements, and each of them has something to do with the sound quality. By and large, a guitar has been made from different parts including the headstock, fretboard, and body as you may see in the picture.

guitar parts

What to Consider When Buying a Guitar

When talking about buying a guitar, we want the guitars that are comfortable to play, nice looking, produce good quality sound, have been crafted very well while not too heavy. These are all in the features, the materials and craftsmanship of the makers. This is also where that makes one guitar is more expensive than another. We will cover certain features and reminders which you really should get through when selecting your guitars.

Design: The guitar design has something to do with your like over its physical look. There are plenty of guitars you can find, and thus you could spend a bit more time checking more if you have not found the one you like the most.

Brands: Many best guitar brands for these days include Yamaha, Fender, Gibson, and More. Oftentimes, the more popular a brand is, the more reliability you can have on their guitars. However, they do not have to be more expensive than others. There are many guitar manufacturers which have a wide range of guitars for sale at a wide range of price.

Price: The guitar price could be from 50 dollars to a few hundreds or even more than a thousand dollars. When you are a beginner. It worth remembering that do not go for the cheapest guitar because it might be difficult and uncomfortable to play while there is not a need for the expensive one as you need times to get to know and learn to play it well first. The recommendation would depend on your budget plan too. Many go for the 50 dollar ones while some others are happy with guitars at around 100 dollars. That is a very good price to start with.

Size: The guitar size has a lot to do with your comfort while playing and carrying the guitar. You can look at various guitar sizes that are available, check them with your hands, and find the most comfortable one to play. You will enjoy your playing more so.

Body: Either you are looking for an acoustic guitar or electric guitars, many of them come with different body styles. Thus, it is very important that you know the common body styles of a guitar and know what kind of body styles that you need. The materials used for the body of a guitar worth checking. Some common woods that are used include mahogany, maple and rosewood. It has a potential effect on the volume and sound quality of the guitar.

Strings: for acoustic guitars, nylon strings and steel strings are choices. They are used for different music styles, and it is important to not use the steel strings on acoustic guitars which are made for nylon strings. The tension could hurt your guitar neck. Also to notice, there are guitars with 6 strings and guitars with 12 strings. 12 string guitars are for experience players, and it could produce the sound like when two guitars are playing together.

Accessories: To set up a guitar well, there might be a need for certain accessories as well. The common accessories include guitar tuners, amplifiers, case, strings, picks and straps. In case you know you need some of these, you can get them while getting your guitar. You will be more ready to start your lessons. At the same time, there are guitar packages available. You might check them out for quicker and convenient buy.

Conclusion: Learning a guitar, like learning anything else, requires good commitment to go through the lessons and practice often. In the beginning, you might hurt your fingers a lot, and it could be confusing with the cord. However, time will make all these just like nothing to you. And once, you learn, you can enjoy your play any time you want to. Another thing is any guitar will bring you certain problems. No worry about that. It is also a process to learn, and you will surely find your better and more favorite guitar for the next time.

Reviews of Best Guitars for Sale

When it comes to buying a good quality guitar, there are many factors to consider. Some of those factors could be the overall build quality of the guitar, the sound quality as well as the look and design. To make buying guitar for the first time easy and less time-consuming for our amateur guitar players, below list will present some of the best options that are available on the market right now.

Best Guitars for Beginners

1.38″ Black Acoustic Guitar Starter Package

If you love black guitar, then this starter package of black acoustic guitar is one of the best options you can get. It has a full wood constructed body that also features a very stylish glass finish. It has a 38 inches platform for its body, and comes with an extra set of strings for future replacement. This starter package also includes a very decent carrying case for those who like to go traveling with their beloved guitar.

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Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural

Another outstanding choice you should also look for is this S35 acoustic guitar from Jasmine. This particular guitar model is greatly known for its classic satin finish as well as the rosewood fretboard. Together, this acoustic guitar has one of the best looking combination features that always stand out of the crowd. The back and side body is designed with a laminated nato. It also features a Spruce Top and chrome covered tuning machines for convenient tuning on the go.

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Guitar For Dummies Acoustic Guitar

This particular set from Guitar For Dummies is one of the best guitar choices you hardly found on the market. The guitar itself is a Kono Deluxe Acoustic Guitar that features a spruce top for a rich and sharp sound. Plus, this guitar set also comes with a tutorial book of 110 pages for every amateur to learn from. Furthermore, it also comes included with a digital guitar tuner that offers a decent and convenient tuning ability, making sure that your beloved guitar will never run out of tune.

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Best Yamaha Guitars

Yamaha C40 GigMaker Classical Acoustic Guitar

Another popular choice on the market goes to this amazing classical acoustic guitar from Yamaha. More than a guitar, this particular set comes in as a complete acoustic guitar package for beginners. The package consists of a top quality full-sized acoustic guitar, a padded gig bag, a digital tuner and a tutorial DVD for guitar lessons. For the guitar construction itself, it is built with a high quality Indonesian mahogany wood for the back and side part; whereas the top is covered by spruce wood. The fingerboard is a product of Javanese rosewood that offers great durability and design.

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Yamaha FG700S Folk Acoustic Guitar Bundle

Another outstanding product from Yamaha also makes its place on this list is the folk acoustic guitar bundle – FG700S. This guitar is designed with a Nato back and side body, following by a strong and sturdy sitka spruce top for outstanding sound and durability. The fingerboard is made of a very high quality rosewood. It also comes with a die-cast tuner for convenient tuning as well. This particular guitar bundle also includes a decent hard case, strap, strings, pick and capo as additional accessories as well.

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Yamaha FG700S Solid Top Acoustic Guitar

This FG700S solid top acoustic guitar from Yamaha has also been rated as one of the best guitars you can get on the market right now. Considering its quality and price tag, this amazing acoustic guitar is indeed one of the most affordable and reasonable-priced guitars you can get. It is designed with a top quality spruce top, die-cast tuners and rosewood fingerboard. Moreover, the overall look of this guitar is a classy glossy finish that makes it always looking great in any performance you go.

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Best Left-Handed Guitars

Left Handed Black Acoustic Electric Guitar

This acoustic electric guitar from Jameson Guitars is also another well worthy option that everyone should consider. Moreover, it is also one of the best left-handed guitars you can get right now. It is a full-scale guitar that can be played as both acoustic and electric version. The overall body design of this guitar is a thinline one which makes it so easy to access. It is also designed with an elegant black glossy finish that looks great wherever you play.

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Rogue RG-624 Left-Handed Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar Natural

Another outstanding choice you can also go for is this dreadnought acoustic guitar from Rouge. Greatly known for its full-size acoustic guitar design, this amazing guitar from Rogue has also been rated as one of the best value guitars for the money. The sound that comes from this guitar is so rich and sharp, making it almost unbelievable to be sold at such a low price point.

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Left Handed Beginner Black Electric Guitar

Another well-made left handed guitar option also worth mentioning on this list goes to this black electric guitar from Davison Guitars. It is indeed a full size electric guitar that also features a Humbucker pickup for those who like to play rock music. The amp that comes with this electric guitar is a 10 watt model also featuring a decent overdrive and distortion. With such decent qualities, this electric guitar is easily one of the best options you can get right now.

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